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Horse Crazy WebRing - This is where to find some great horse sites. Come visit our horses--they range from ponies to paints, and thoroughbreds

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Horse Crazy WebRing

A forum for the Horse Crazy ring which is for and by the extremely horse crazy!! Do you love horses? Do you think about them night and day? Do you have a page dedicated to them? Then JOIN us and see how many others feel the same!! Use this forum to post messages telling about your horses, how you care for them, anything that might strike your fancy (as long as it's horse-related).

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Welcome to the Horse Crazy WebRing Forum.
  Hi, Please come in and join in the forum. It's a great place to ask and
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- 07/01/2012

Hi My name is Joyce and this is my We are just joining up with Web Rings, and was thinking on making a web site,but you have so many, So thought I'd join here and say "HEY".
I just moved to SC from Upstate NY.. A 1,000 mile trip. 5 dogs and a husband.. I been married to him 34 years tomorrow. Soul mates.We both love horses, but I cannot give up riding. I am disabled. but still insist on riding... Well, will write more later,,------COW GIRL UP--Joyce On Bandi!!

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