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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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I've a few featured sites at my rings.
The System does not provide Ringmasters with any info about the status of the account members .
Frequently the accounts of the featured members sudently shows "credit not available" and the system automaticaly removes their sites from the featured sites list.

This doesn't allow ringmasters to manage this issue properly.

I understand that WebRing wishes to mantain the status of the account members under confidential, but I think that an improvement is needed.

Would it be difficult to WebRing to alert ringmasters about the status of the featured sites accounts just when they reach a limit close ( but previusly ) to déficit ????

Replied - 12/20/2005
If you set a credit limit in your ring, then it will automatically get kicked-out, especially if they do not pay up in advance. The system is also unlikely to to tell you why and you just get a standard error message as above, you have done well.

Replied - 12/20/2005
Thanks for the help.
I've already set up a credit limit.
In fact, sites with no credits are kicked out.
The problem is that we all would like them to stay.
My sugestion is that Webring give us a prior allert when accounts are nearly without credit. Just stabilsh a limit near zero. If we knew in advance the accounts near zero credits, it would be easyer to advise the member.

I also think that Webring will get advantage if an authomatic mail was sent to the member, alerting him when the account is ALMOST at zero ( but with sama advance , to allow him to provide the account before kicked off.

Thanks anyway.

Replied - 12/22/2005
While that sounds good, those that actually care will make sure their account has sufficient credit. Other than that, they'll remember when they get the email.

I've had someone wanting to feature her site for nearly a year. She ran out of credit shortly after she started and has yet to pay anymore. I ahve written her a few times to either put more money in or remove her site from the WANT to FEATURE list. I've heard from her only once. So it looks like I have someone who wants to be featured, but is not.

Merry Christmas


Replied - 12/22/2005
spunkysmom gives us a new focus that I think WebRing should analyse : Ringmasters should be able to delete post from members saying they want to be featured, but never credited their accounts. Actualy the post stays for ever in the list.

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