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Manager: wrug
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Hidden explanation - 01/28/2006
I left this off earlier.

The page owner puts enough of the code to fool the ring checker, yet not enough to make the nav bar appear on the page. I have heard various comments such as, "too much band width used", "ugly nav bar", "colors don't match", etc.

I do allow a modified html code, as long as it links back to the ring and allows the surfer to surf the ring.

I can get her stack to show at webring but not on her site, on any of her pages.

Replied - 01/28/2006
Maybe it was just the one page I'm looking at.
I'll look more.
James S. Huggins


Replied - 01/28/2006
I am looking at awards page 5, 6 and 7.

On each one, I see the code.

And, each one, for me, displays a navbar.

Page 7 displays one of YOUR webrings (A Cat's Dream Come True).

That page uses this code:

If I can help more, feel free to write me directly.

James S. Huggins

to contact me


Replied - 01/28/2006
It must be something in the script capability of this machine. I've updated javasript through a few times so I don't know why it wouldn't be visible on my machine.

Why can't she just use the SSNB code as given? Then she wouldn't have to type in each individual webring name and id code. That was a lot of work.


Replied - 01/28/2006
Considering most people wouldn't know or care to look at source code to discover the problem, it's amazing she is in any webring rings. Think on it. If this isn't recent or deliberate, then there is a least one other ring manager for whom her code does not show. That means that her nav code won't show and (hopefully) the manager will see that (or not see it) upon inspecting the site.

Some manager's (like you) won't accept HTML or Pass-L, so I don't fell bad by saying that te nav bar needs to show, and if you have ot use the full SSNB code then do so.


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