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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Disappearing Promo Banners & Featured Sites - 02/05/2006

The fact is the ad is less than half of what it was for a year before you commented. I reduced it in response to your complaint. Nothing further was mentioned until your act of removing my ad altogether. I chose to post here regarding its removal. I had no idea that after 6 months this ad was still unacceptable.

I am just a bit curious about your timing and your failure to communicate, and your agressive and undiplomatic behaviour.

There are many other rings in the system with larger ads including some of mine. Why are you picking on this ring?

Is there anyone else out there that has received such a notice as I have regarding promo ads? - Methinks not!

Methinks you have other motivations.

I will do what I can to reduce the size further. Please choose to communicate with me rather than unilaterally punishing me when I have no other desire but to cooperate.


Replied - 02/05/2006


Replied - 02/05/2006
We'll get around, slowly, to all rings. Those managed by you as well those managed by others. This one was done six months ago and just noticed again in the past day or so. When you were requested to adhere to guidelines many months ago we "trusted" that you would. We've only recently had time to check. Sorry we took so long, but look on it from the bright side: you were able to run an out of conformance ad for all those months. But not it must be brought into conformance or removed. Why should we NOT ask for that? What would be the justification for allowing you to violate guidelines other managers conform with? We make an effort to work with members who work with us, to be flexible and as helpful as we can be. But it has to be mutual. You didn't, as far as we're aware, approach us to see if the new format was OK or not. It was just put up and left to us to find it and decide.

Replied - 02/06/2006
Any picture editor such as PSP5 (paint shop pro) will give you the pizel sizes.

Replied - 02/06/2006
Dear WebRing,

I "trusted" that you folks had it together and were reasonable people but now I understand that my trust was misplacewd. I have always tried my best to cooperate with you and am shocked to read here that you have a different perspective. It would seem reasonable to me that you folks would display a little more gratitude towards those who work for you.

How many pixels are we talking about here? Geeeez!

I know we ringmasters are simply your servants that maintain and manage sites for your advertizing but could you be a little more
communicative rather than just assuming that we clearly understand all your policies, regulations, procedures, TOS, rules, mandates, wishes, desires, etc. etc.

You folks really need to acquire the ability to recognize cooperation when & where it exists instead of alienating yourselves from tjhose that serve your purposes and add to the pot.

Trying to comply and cooperate but often misunderstood,

PS Please communicate to me whether my ring in question will be in compliance if I take off 1 line; 2 lines or three.

PSS It would further be helpful to know which face of WebRing one is dealing with.

Replied - 02/06/2006
You're dealing with the official "face". The ad will be in compliance if you remove all the lines of text. This you can verify for yourself. The graphic is very nearly 120 pixels high. That's been pointed out more than once, and other members have given their advice on how you can verify this for yourself.

Replied - 02/06/2006
Dear WebRing,

It was pointed out earlier that it was 110 pixels Not 120. How about if I remove the banner and just leave the text? Will I then be in compliance with your pixel code or is my text taking away from your Google Adsense sales?

I have to conclude that I am the only ringmanager to receive such notice regarding the pixel violation? Shame on me! You know - in the ol' days - they would of hung my kind from the nearest large standing oak. :-)

Only in a spirit of cooperation and compliance,

Replied - 02/07/2006
Dear WebRing,

Please check with the pixel police and let me know whether the ring is now in compliance. This reequest is made pursuant to your request that I request that you look at the ad to see whether the ad is now in conformance lest I be accused of not making the required request again.

I would also suggest that all future members only be allowed to create and/or manage rings after they have proven to you that they know how to count pixels.

Also, I am currently working on a battery of 57 tests which you folks will be able to use to test potential new members to see if they understand all the requirements relative to managing rings here at WebRing. These tests contain a total of only 21,457 simple essay questions that are designed to assure that the ringmanager understands exactly what is required of them here at WebRing. Eventually, as new rules are added, it may become necessary to compile volumes of codes much like the statute and code books used for states here in the US. These code volumes will be designed for easy reference so members can check to make sure their that the next thing they do here at WebRing will not be out of compliance.

Your humble servant,

PS I will be slowly getting around to checking all my rings in the next six months to make sure that they comply with the pixel rule. Meanwhile if you come across any of my rings that are in violation, please let me know. We have got to nip this in the butt lest we should descend into pure lawless anarchy here at WebRing.

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