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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Process New Submission Lecture. - 04/12/2006
Okay, so I have 37 webrings - some may consider that a lot but compared to some people it isn't many. You clearly have 100 more just under the emmajones ID. Not that I expect an answer but exactly how many do you own under ALL your various ID's (including the danielle ones)??? I know, you'll no doubt tell me it's none of by business but don't forget YOU made it YOUR busniess to check out mine.

At least I have a website or two that are relevant to the rings I manage and not one is just a "Home Page" for any of the rings.

Replied - 04/12/2006

RE:"A hundred rings being managed by a hundred poor managers is worse than 100 being managed by a single good manager, IMHO.

A focus on actual statistics (not gut feeling) could be far more productive."

I agree with you, Worse yet is the fact that good, non-passive ringmanagers have taken the time to adopt and manage these rings for years. Now they are being forced to give them up. It goes without saying that many of the rings will fall into less capable and committed hands or will not be adopted or managed at all.

I think that such a policy as has been suggested should not be retroactive as it replaces a previous contradistinctory policy.

In my opinion, punishing good, non-passive, ringmanagers simply based upon the number of rings they manage is not good sound policy regardless of how you shape any argument in its defense.

Best regards,

Replied - 04/13/2006
I think that there is an initial simple solution to all this. I hope I am right that Webring, would not want to do anything too drastic! Therefore:
1) Clean up all Web Ring Manager sites which have not been logged into for more than say 3 months.
2) Clean up the Web Ring Manages Sites, which have poor broken links, who have made no effort to try and resolve them.
3) Ask Webring Managers of large sites, which would they be willing to give up.

Webring Managers, could be holding on to their sites, because they cannot trust someone else taking them over.

Webring Managers may prefer a "Direective" from Webrinr (Which now appears to be happening) to clean up defective sites.

Therefore the moral of the story is only just take out the bad, and that may be enough to wake up the others!

Although I have asked before, can I please have an updated Instructions on how to merge to Rings into one please? As the exisiting instrucions are too confusing.

RE:"A hundred rings being managed by a hundred poor managers is worse than 100 being managed by a single good manager, IMHO.

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