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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Promotional Banners Problem - 04/25/2006
All of the promotional banners displayed on my rings have been de-activated and emails sent out stating that I have no credit in my account. This is wrong so there is clearly a problem with the accounting procedures.

Also I seem to have received one email reminder per ring, surely one email per user=id would suffice.

Replied - 04/25/2006
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Also I seem to have received one email reminder per ring, surely one email per user=id would suffice.
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Welcome to the club. That has been going on since the program notification started.

I've created an Outlook rule to process those incoming emails and stuff them in a special folder.

The system processing could be redesigned to make it once per ID instead of once per webring. For my own part, I'd be happy to help spec the redesign. (But, I'm not holding my breath on that offer.)

James S. Huggins

to contact me:


Replied - 04/25/2006
It has actually caused me a bit of a problem.
I have a text alert for every email I receive through the WebRing system and my text inbox is permanently jammed at the moment. The best of the joke is there is plenty of credit in my account.

Replied - 04/25/2006
I received three of them, and still have plenty of credit available. Obviously a new glitch. Hope it gets fixed soon. MonaLS

Replied - 04/25/2006
I also received emails (one for every ring!) saying I was out of credit when I am certainly not! Glad to see I'm not alone - LOL!


Replied - 04/26/2006
I wonder if that's what is happening to my featured sites. Every day I have to put one of them back in the featured position. And today I tried joining my own webrings to see if there was a problem with members joining. After about 12 attempts I gave up. I sure hope somebody is trying to "work the bugs out".

Replied - 04/27/2006
Glad to see I'm not alone - LOL!

Du bist nicht allein!! However at first glance the problem now appears to have resolved itself.

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