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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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The Missing Join Requirements - 09/16/2006
Before I begin, let me note how very, very pleased I am to see moving away from the look/feel/brand of Yahoo. Thank you so much for that.

I made a suggestion back in Nov.2004 here;did=2844#here

The webring "system" replied with an even better suggestion here;did=2846#here

The system's suggestion was subsequently implemented.

The system's suggestion was that specific join restrictions be placed in a spot on the page separate from the description. This information was entered on the Join page ("Enter a brief message to give to applicants to explain the basic criteria for being in the ring") and allowed removal of this information from the description (and hence from the directory).

It provided a separate place to note that commercial sites might not be admitted, or that the webring about cats was only for cats that were pets, not big cats in the wild, or that the webring was for artists but not for galleries.

Prior to this suggestion, while it was possible (and good) to place this info on the join page itself, there was no place, other than the description, to stick this information. There was no place other than the description to alert the potential member to such restrictions. Yet, placing such information in the description cluttered the description and the directory.'s suggestion at;did=2846#here to separate this information was, in my opinion, an excellent one.

It now appears that this has been removed.

My question is whether the removal as intentional and, if so, whether such information should be stuck back into the description (I hope this is not the answer).

Thanks for the changes so far. As listens to the membership and implements the many tweaks being suggested, I'm sure the system will improve.

James S. Huggins
to contact me:


Replied - 09/19/2006
Any information input into the open/closed field in Join Settings is now showing up on the Ring Info tab in ring management. Ideally, this field would be used for additional ring information such as "no commercial sites allowed". Join requirements should be included in the Edit Application Instructions on the Join Settings page.

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