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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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I guess I'll be leaving webring - 09/28/2006
I'll do my best to have all my rings moved to ringsurf in the next few months. I am not going to delete all my rings just for this nonsense. I would have to delete hundreds of rings to keep mine free. And being on disability, I can't afford to create new memberships and split all my rings into thwm and then spend all that money to keep them going. So, moving them to ringsurf is my only option. I hate to do this but you have left me no choice. If I'm only alowed 30 rings then you have taken away all my options. At least at ringsurf, I own my rings and I make the decisions, not someone else.

Replied - 09/28/2006
one part of the post read: " If I'm only alowed 30 rings then you have taken away all my options. "

that is not true, AND if you please return to the transition information page you'll see that:

1. You don't need to decide anything right now. Not until more than 3 months has passed. Why not wait a month anyway and think.

2. You can have all the rings you want for the next FIFTEEN months without any fee for the number over 30. That's a LONG time to see what services we'll be offering during that time.

3. Why not wait the 15 months. Who knows what will happen in that time?

Replied - 09/28/2006
I also am going to move my rings to RingSurf, where I already own several other rings - some of which parallel my WR rings. I feel there's no need to wait 15 months or so to see what's going to happen - I did that with the Yahoo fiasco, not willing to do it again. I've also already seen the transition page, got all 3 pages that were referenced in the WR letters on my bookmarks so I can refer to them whenever I need to. Maybe there on RingSurf, I can restart my Control-line ring that was taken from me here. It's been adoptable for nearly 9 months, I've applied over and over, no results - and that with a GREAT score-card. No doubt in my mind, WR's out for the $$, nothing more. (Dave W)

Replied - 09/28/2006
I've already done my deletions. I reduced myself to 2 webrings and 5 ring memberships. It wasn't easy to decide what rings to put up for adoption. I had over 30. But I'm happy with my decision and hope the best for webring management.

Everyone has the right to make money and I know that managing this site is a big job for which you deserve to get paid. I would have thought the AdSense revenue and other advertising income was enough. I've also contributed quite a bit (for me, a poor person) over the last few years. However I can't make a commitment to a monthly fee at this time so I'm backing out.

I am slightly distressed about one thing, however. I thought we who managed a higher number of webrings were doing you a favor to take care of them. It appears that you don't see it that way.

All the best to you anyhow.

Replied - 09/29/2006
I read that part and that's a good thing because I now have so many rings and it may take many months to get everything moved. But this was just the last straw for me. I have sttod behind Webring even when I didn't agree with their decisions. But lately I seem to have less and less control over my own rings. I feel less like the owner and more like a figurehead of some sort. I'm told who can or can't join my rings, and how many rings I can own. I'm sorry but that hurts. I have worked hard to build my rings, invite people, I've even promoted the forums. I've done link exchanges and am constantly looking for more places advertise the rings and now I stand a chance to loose them. This whole thing has just become scarry.

Replied - 09/29/2006
I would love to earn money too but I'm on disability and if I earn any money online SSI would just take that amount out of my check. I live below the poverty level and SSI aims to keep me that way. LOL. So I can't afford to join an affiliate program anyway.

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