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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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What is WrOng with WebRing? - 01/24/2007
Dear WebRing,

Do you think you can alienate yourselves from everyone in the WebRing community that does not see eye to eye with some of you. If that is the case methinks that you will find yourselves very much alone in cyberspace.

Today i received another 250 system emails from you folks notifying me that my WebRing account is empty. Do you folks think that this is OK by anyone's standards? It is not even short of being rediculous. You have had the audacity in the past to berate me for sending a few emails to the same person who just happened to be in several of my webrings and who, according to you, had complained. You said I was spamming. Well if that was spamming then I guess you are Super-spamming with your 250 daily unwanted and unsolicited system emails to me.

You are causing my ringmembers to suffer as i am constantly having to take time out from managing rings to dealing with your numerous system glitches, errors, emails and interference. And you want me to pay you for this?

I hope you enjoy your no small windfall from draining so many member accounts under your new price-fixing policy.

The truth about the "system" and those who hide behind the scenes and monickers is apparent for all to see. And many of us here are not liking what we see.

You have in your perception cleaned house relative to webrings but many of us here and who are no longer here honestly feel that the real benefit to webring will accrue when there is some cleaning-up accomplished among those who are running things behind the scenes. You have simply got to do better than what you are presently doing if this community is to survive.

Concerned & confounded,

PS This correspondence has been cerified "Rant-free" by Noah Webster

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