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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Frustrated with transferring Ring ownership. - 02/28/2007
I recently tried to transfer my ring's ownership to one of my Ring members. We'd talked about it through regular email, and he agreed to take it over. After making sure all his Webring info was correct, I went to the transfer area and found that -- rather than simply type in the member's ID, as was the old simple system -- I now had to send him an invitation email through Webring.

Despite my alarm bells, I sent Dan the invite, which he didn't get. To my dismay & alarm, I found that not only were my management privileges removed, but Dan didn't have them either. Dan thought his email may have blocked Webring's as spam, and changed his email to another account, but I had no way of resending the invite. After some investigation (and no response at all from Support via email), I found that my ring had been placed up for open adoption, DESPITE having someone willing & able to take it over directly.

Thank god, Dan's the only one in the Adoption queue at the moment. But haven't you folks heard of failsafes? What's the point of tossing a ring up for open adoption if an invite doesn't go through? If you're going to do transfers through email, then the ring management should stay WITH the original manager until an invitation is accepted by clicking on an accept link in the email. That would easily prevent this type of situation from occurring. With the over-aggressive nature of spam-blocking by ISPs these days, you can't just assume that your emails are going to automatically get through on the first try.

Please tell me that the Adoption process is working normally.

Replied - 02/28/2007
I find it incredibly hard to believe that you got NO response from support (almost every post in here claims that, yet we do indeed respond to every query we get and most claims when looked into we discover never came into our system - and we don't have spam filters for the very reason you mention). I will check, and if that is indeed the case I will intervene to make sure the transfer happens, and to determine why no response happened.

If I find that we have no record of any query to support, or that you made a query and shortly thereafter posted here without actually waiting a reasonable period for a response (you are a free member), then a different course will be pursued.

Naturally, it would be REALLY helpful to know what ring is being discussed out of the 40k or so possible.

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