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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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NonFailing Failing Pages - 04/06/2007
There is an ongoing problem with the Webring System. I and several other community members and webring managers continually see that the system is showing pages in the rings as failing. This failing status is prohibiting the members from joining new rings, fills up the mail box with failing notices and is something we have no control over.

If we let the page stay in "failing" status until the next day, the webring system sends us ANOTHER message that the page is no longer failing...AND this is when we take no action at all.

When we do take action on the failing page it shows:

The Navigation Wizard has determined this site has valid navigation code on it already. You do not need to alter it.

You may double check that it PASSes via your site Site Maintenance page. If it fails to PASS, please contact support (use the Help/Support link at the top of your Site Maintenance page). Include the site information listed above and indicate this discrepency. If it PASSes and your site is currently pending or suspended then you should wait at least 24 hours to allow the .....

If this is a game that Webring is playing with just a few of the webring members and managers, I ask that it come to an end. If others are experiencing this on a continual basis, let Webring know. If it truly is a "system out of control", please let us know that we can anticipate the system being fixed.

The members and ring managers do have other work to do besides webring busywork.

Saving Lives

Replied - 04/06/2007
I have had the same problem, often with many, many pages. It's a real headache.

Replied - 04/06/2007
I'm helping webring clean up some webrings that don't have owners. I have identified several pages where the webring shows but it still registers as a "fail".

For my personal pages, I sometimes had to move the webring coding to a different location on the page to get it to show right. I still don't understand WHY it made a difference, but it did.

If you're still having trouble, try moving the coding to see if it made a difference. I've found webring's brain gets confused if there is coding above the webring coding that uses tables. I'm not a programming pro but thought I'd share what I do know.

Replied - 04/06/2007
Thank you. Like you say, doesn't seem to make sense, but have seen stranger things work in the computer world :) I'll try moving my NavBar to another area on the pages.

I spoke with a couple of other webring members today, they are having the same problem. Hope this helps...thanks again!

Saving Lives

Replied - 04/13/2007
PLEASE contact someone in member services with details. So often we get a vague report and can't do anything because there isn't anything specific to look at, or it's days later when the event is long over.

It's very possible there are intermittent problems with the system checker. We can only trace them though in fairly real time. If you are a 2.0 member do this:

1. don't touch/test anything if your site suddenly fails and is suspended.
2. contact your 2.0 rep and ask them to check.

we'll put a tech person on those right away and:

1. restore it right away as long as it does "pass" (visually - that's what counts)
2. take time to see if there is a real reason why it's done what it's done.

If you fiddle with the site to get it to pass and then report it as a problem then the trail gets muddied (so to speak). Best just to leave it as is so we have a clear set of clues to work with.

Thank you,

member services

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