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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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importance of VALID html code - 05/20/2007
For accessibility issues and cross-browser compatibility, it is important that the html code one uses validate to the standards of the internet (such as they are). It helps it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your pages too. So why do webrings continue to use obsolete or obsolescent attributes in their navigation code that are no longer supported in the current version of html (that has been around a LONG time)?

Replied - 05/21/2007
This is a classic situation where one can be community minded or divisive. Rather than making unsubstantiated, and therefore useless to the rest of us, accusations why not try being helpful to the community and provide example(s) of revised code that meets your approval.

Replied - 05/21/2007
Example? Submit any page that has the SSNB code as supplied by webring to an online validator and you will see numerous error messages.
I can't claim my code is beautiful or perfect, but it DOES validate according to web standards. Examples of my SSNB code are on any of the close to one hundred separate pages of my web site that belong to different web rings.

My home page is

For checking code, I like the web design group validator because you can check up to one hundred pages at a time. It is at For the actual references that define internet standards (such as they are), I recommend visiting They also have online validators to check your HTML, CSS, broken links, and other stuff.

I hope this helps. The obsolete attributes in the navigation code as supplied have been obsolete for a LONG TIME.

Replied - 05/21/2007
I did NOT mean to submit the same post three times. Forgive me, please. I have a very unreliable connection and the page crashed more than once. :(

Replied - 05/21/2007
no problemo.

Replied - 05/21/2007
I run XHTML 1.0, but it is quite similar to HTML 4 that has been around a LONG time. The main difference for the code is that img and other tags that don't come in pairs need a space and a slash at the end of the tag to "close" them. For example, instead of <br> XHTML requires <br />.

The class="webring" style for the div container of the webring code doesn't affect the styling of the code. It is just to clear "floats" so the webring banner isn't off to the right of the screen if I have "floated" containers before it in the code.

By all means I totally give permission for anyone or everyone to use my version of the SSNB code as they see fit. If anyone can write it better that would be great. I am an amateur, but I have had help from postings in several internet newsgroups over the years about html and css authoring.

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