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Manager: wrug
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Visible Navbars--For 'System' to replicate - 12/20/2007

Here is another case of the webring changing midway through trying to surf one.

I start with "Christian Women on the Web" at my website. I get taken to a website showing a webring navigation banner with broken links. To find the webring I am surfing, I have to click on the "Visit a complete list of WebRing memberships here" link to go to a page showing the webring navigation bar for the one I want to surf.

The cookies are NOT working correctly. The webring I was surfing when I got to the new website SHOULD be the one showing on that page. I shouldn't have to go to a list of webring navigation bars for most sites in the webring, REMEMBER the name of the webring I was surfing, and click "next" just to have to go through the whole process again and Again and AGAIN!

At this point, I quit surfing the webring. This procedure makes it worthless to manage or belong to webrings because it defeats the whole purpose of being able to surf through a ring easily.

Something is wrong somewhere if the "cookies" aren't setting properly.

I have experienced this problem with the webrings I manage and with those I just belong too.

Frankly, this problem is enough to make me reconsider joining webrings for $36 for another year in January. It hasn't done anything to increase my website visits. I STRONGLY feel this is because of the two step process people often have to go through to keep surfing a webring. Rather than look for the webring they were surfing, they simply surf the first one that appears on the webpage they are taken to when they click "next". Most internet users want SPEED and CONVENIENCE. They simply ignore things that don't meet that requirement.

PLEASE check this out thoroughly. I can't be the only person it happens to.

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