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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Reflections on the past year - 12/29/2007
With each new year, we often reflect on how the last year has gone. For WebRing, I think its been a time of many great innovations. Many new features and concepts went into full swing in 2007, and clearly there are many more ideas on the drawing board. A new look, new technical innovation, new reward and referral programs...the change has been significant. In the current high tech era, constant innovation is vital to success. But I also feel there were some significant mis-steps in WebRings relationships with its ring managers which I feel is at the heart of the nearly 50% decline in active sites in the system in the last year. There was a hard line drawn with many of the ring managers who disagreed with or fought changes in the system or WebRing policies. There continued to be an apparent resentment towards those who managed a large number of rings. And most significantly, a feeling that not only could delinquent managers never be rehabilitated, but that WebRing would manage these rings better...until they could be fixed up and possibly adopted out later.

I hope that WebRing will take a hard look at the trends from the past year, and focus some time on building its relationship with its managers and members. And perhaps, even consider tryinhg to mend some fences with some of those managers who have left. Now that would take some real soul searching!

Personally, I will continue to do what I have for many years with WebRing...serve my ring members, commend the successes, and express my opinion for ways to improve.

Best Regards,


Replied - 12/30/2007
njjimf writes (in part): "...WebRings relationships with its ring managers which I feel is at the heart of the nearly 50% decline in active sites in the system in the last year."

Overall a very good post. Wanted to address this one, however. On the surface that statement is accurate. In reality, however, the number of unique URLs, and accounts with membership(s) in a ring, has continued to increase pretty regularly. THe decline was the result of removing redundancy and off topic memberships. We had to remove many thousands of sites from thousands of rings because the site had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the ring. That was the easy part, just removing the so clearly off topic. Then we spent many weeks clearing out sites with hidden or misleading navigtion code (the infamous 1-way sites). The result is fewer rings with fewer sites, but the remaining rings have better quality sites with working navigation code.

Keeping them that way, and invigorating these rings - which can't be done while system run OR managed by people with hundreds of rings - is the goal for 2008.

Replied - 01/01/2008
Personally I think the limit on the number of webrings that has been imposed on all of us is unfair. They should take a look at how people's webrings are being managed, and allow the responsible ones have more if they want. The lack of ability to adopt new rings has been a major aggravation of mine. This is a serious complaint I have. I do fall behind occasionally, but for the most part, I tend my webrings at least weekly. I try to visit new applicants immediately, but I always do so within days.

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