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Peaceable Kingdom Webring Problems - 02/11/2008

The "Peaceable Kingdom" webring has some serious problems that prevent it from being surfed properly. At least one site is "hijacking" a ring member's website and taking you to some "social networking" webpage. Another site is generating the "page not found message".

Since this is a public webring, who is responsible for cleaning it up?


I have offered via Lisa several times to take some of these nature related webrings and clean them up. I've been postponing developing some similar webrings because I believe it will just duplicate older webrings.

Why don't you let those of us who volunteer to help adopt these webrings? I've been offering since last spring.

Replied - 02/11/2008
I also volunteered to adopt Peaceable Kingdom, some time ago. I am being prevented because WebRing rules don't like me managing so many rings. I can tell you this much: I would do a better job because WebRing is SWAMPED dealing with all the webrings they won't let people adopt. I spend about two hours a week on the webrings I have, which is NOTHING. Granted, there are a handful of problems, which I deal with as time permits. But I just have better personal resources to take on a few more, and I hate to see the community fall apart because of this arbitrary rule. Seriously. Take the managers who have a good record, and who are on Level 2, and let us have more rings. I try to run a tight ship. I evaluate each new site very carefully, tend to broken sites, and keep my navigability ratings above 95%. If a ring falls below that, it gets attention. If I have more time, ALL rings that are under 100% get attention. I go back and revisit sites that are on hold or suspended, after they have about three months to work with me. If I got no response, they're gone! By the way, I have noticed that Pass-L lowers the navigability rating. This shouldn't be happening. Those sites are navigable.

Replied - 02/11/2008
brbrI spend 6-7 hours a day just playing on the computer. This includes at least 2 hours a day just checking out other webrings. Am now thinking of removing my pages from ANY WEBRING that allows a site with broken links, or even pages of nothing but webrings, or websites NOT RELATED to the topic of the webring. Too many of these are "public" or "Adopt this ring" situtations.
brbrI'm also withdrawing my application from any webring with a manager that hasn't responded within a week of receiving an application. If people are going to have webrings, they need to be ACTIVE. I usually check to see when the ring owner last checked their webring mail. That's a good clue about whether an owner is actively keeping track of their ring or if they have disappeared into the wild blue yonder somewhere.
brbrI hadn't realized how poor some of the rings I have joined are, until I started actively surfing the rings. As of TODAY, I will surf a ring BEFORE deciding if I want my websites in those rings.
brbrI surf all the rings that I own weekly to be sure every site in it is working. If a site has broken links, I IMMEDIATELY put them on suspension and send them a letter. If they haven't fixed it within a week, then I MAY delete them UNLESS they respond to my email with some explanation.
brbrI will also delete websites that haven't been "updated" according to their own pages, in more than a year. I'm finding this a problem with too many blogging sites. Why keep a blog in a webring if you haven't added anything to it in a year? Makes me wonder if some of these blogs are nothing but school projects that are promptly forgotten after the class is over?
brbrI only have a few rings now, but would really like to own more. I DON'T want to create additional rings that I KNOW are redundant.
brbrSeems like the owner of webring would want managers like us!

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