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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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passes code test without code - 06/04/2008
i've got someone who wants to join my ring who passes the code test but there's no navbar on his page and when I view source there's no sign of the code. What's going on?

Replied - 06/04/2008
Absolutely no idea without more information. Hopefully you provided that whan you opened a support ticket. People here can help you, but you *must* provide enough information to let them do it. What's the ring id? What's the registered URL? What is the member id of the applicant?

Replied - 06/06/2008
i gave you the url of the guy's site - i thought that was enough.

Replied - 06/06/2008
Not enough for a complete answer, no. People can look and confirm whether that page has anything on it or not, but not much more. With the rest, poolpages teh ring and netjim2188 the user ID, more can be done.

It *looks* like they applied, 5/31, added code and tested it and it worked, then waited for the manager to approved them. That didn't happen fast enough for them so they removed the code from the page and went away in a huff. You came along 4-5 days after they applied and wondered what was going on. You both crossed paths too slowly.

We can't say that 4-5 days is unreasonable to wait, but obviously new members do. The solution we stress over and over is to act on applications immediately. Somehow, someway. Should we instittute an automatic approval for all rings? Then let maangers deny at their leisure? That would probably be OK except for the spammers and obviously off-topic sites.

Maybe approve immediately, place at the "end" the ring for X hours/days before placing where they should go in the ring (most go to the front so the rings content is as fresh as possible), again to be reviewed and handled at the RMs convenience?

The problem with both of the above is that managers stopped managing rings when we had "auto-approve" they just let any old site into the ring - left it on auto-pilot.

In the world of "instant internet" what are humans to do?

Replied - 06/06/2008
I urge you NOT to grant automatic approval to applicants to sites being managed. I would no longer have a reason to participate. I don't always approve a site right away; I do a thorough evaluation, and there are occasions when I'm not around for a few days. I don't offhand see a need for instant gratification. If you did have a provision where I could tell people I have seen their application, and it is pending review, that might help. This would be in addition to the one you currently have, which I use when I have done evaluation and want some things corrected.

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