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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Rewards For Activity Points - 07/13/2008
I take it all us non-American and Canadian members have no way of cashing in our activity points?

Wow! I can't see that as very encouraging - sorry guys!

Replied - 07/13/2008
I think you can always apply your rewards to your payments for level 2 membership and featuring. That would simplify having to pay with foreign currency as well.

Replied - 07/13/2008
I would have thought so too. Maybe they ought to ditch the request for personal information on that one and make it more obvious that us "others" can have that choice if we wish to.

I am a 2.0 member anyway and my fees come from featured sites so even that doesn't really bother me much with exchange rates and thing like that.

Just seems that if they want to encourage more members to take a bigger part in all this then excluding foreigners ;) from being able to cash in on the goodies isn't going to do that. I mean why bother trying to build up a huge activiy score if it's meaningless in the end?

I practically live here at WebRing anyway so activity score or not I'll still be hanging about.

Hey, maybe they could just credit our accounts with real money?? Hehehe

Replied - 07/13/2008
To tell the truth, I can't figure out what boosts your score anyway. I can spend hours here and get 6 points. Makes no sense. So I won't comment further.

Replied - 07/13/2008
At the moment the rewards room is just getting started. It's shipping we haven't sorted out very well yet, not that we don't WANT to ship things worldwide. We'll get it organized before too long! We figured that most people still would want/need to accumulate more points and we would be able to guage interest in the interim.

You can redeem for 2.0 credit (which if you don't have to spenf affiliate credit on then allows you to "cash" affiliate credit in on "real" cash).

points accumulate in all sorts of ways, and we're adding more soon. There should be a list on the points explanation page.

Replied - 07/13/2008
Thanks! I wasn't really worried about cashing in my points (though I am always around I don't always log in under the same ID so my score probably isn't that high) I was more interested in how it would encourage those that couldn't do so because of their location.

Yeah, I did think along those lines later - I mean about using the points for fees and cashing in the actual real money. Though, I don't think personal details should be needed for that one.

I'll be looking forward to seeing the new ideas when you guys come up with them.

Great idea by the way :)

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