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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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I could sure use some wisdom! re navbar code - 02/10/2009
I have put in BOLD print on my join instructions that people are supposed to install the navigation bar on their site as soon as they apply. I usually process an application within 24 hours. And most of the time, they haven't bothered to put the code on their site, and even when I ask them to, most of them don't. I even tell them that I will accept them into the ring, and I ask them to let me know when they have done it. And I go back a couple of weeks later, not having heard anything, and they still don't have the navbar. (Seems only the sites I DON'T want bother to put it on. :P)

Do others of you have this problem? What in the heck do you do about it? Even though I ask them specifically, I get ignored! Any idea what is going on?

Replied - 02/10/2009
Yes, of course we all do. It's a chronic problem and one that we would like to solve. We believe there are several reasons this happens:
1. People think they are just submitting a URL to a listing service, and no amount of cajoling is going to get them to think otherwise - at first.
2. Some think that perhaps just joining is good enough for now. "they see how it goes" before committing further
3. Others get overwhelmed by the process once they apply, and go away.

How to "combat" this? We're thinking along multiple avenues, but the bottom line is this:
1. They must "see" some benefit to the service. At present you generally don't until you do put the code on and get into at least 1 ring. We're thinking that multiple levels of ring membership might help address this. A - for those with proper code, in GOOD location(s), etc. the cream of the crop. B - Lesser sites. perhaps new and no code yet, older but not as dead on topic but with code, etc. C - marginal sites with perhaps osme link to the ring but no code, code on links pages, etc.
This way members could be "in" a ring and derive some benefit even if they are not fully committed to it (yet). The newer ones, once they see benefit can be encouraged - in time - to move up. In the meantime they don't adversely impact the A members. Clearly the A members get the main spotlight.
2. There should be reasons to "come back" - more community tools, and more benefit in coming back. If they see benefit in being in a ring and DO come back we have a better chance of engaging them and getting them to participate fully (code on a good place on their site, etc).

Replied - 02/10/2009
You're right. I'm definitely seeing this mentality that this is just another links list. I've even had people ask me to put them on their webring, without even bothering to apply.

I wouldn't call something where they don't put the navbar on the page a "webring". Perhaps a links list as suggested would be a good start; that's an interesting and probably worthy idea. Of course, there's what the rest of us can do in the meantime. Without the proper code, a member will only break the ring. And I can see why you're running the contest to define a webring.

Perhaps it can be compared to one of those links exchanges. People are probably used to putting code on their page for a links exchange. They copy text out of a box and paste it, just like WebRing wants them to do. If they can do that, it shouldn't really be any different. Perhaps this is how I can explain it to people. Thanks!

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