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Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft - Untitled document Find in this ring sites both personal and commercial pertaining to the hobby and sport of collecting,

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Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft

Manager: genessa
Welcome to The Flying RC Airplane Ring. This ring is here to bring RC fliers and their websites closer together, and to help let the world see the sport we all are so proud of. Sites here all have something to do with the sport of flying radio-controlled model aircraft, many or most are flight-active websites. (adopted 11-10-2005)

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Attraction of the Chuck Glider - 12/19/2012
The chuck glider, freeflight HLG, is a conundrum. In principle, it is basic, yet in practice it is complex. Building one is a scientific, engineering endeavour, yet it is artistic. Flying can be frustrating, yet satisfying and fun. When one flies away out of sight (OOS), it is sad, but also deeply rewarding. Yes, it is a puzzle and one that is strangely attractive.  This video from trident31hlgff captures some beautiful things: Various forms of launch: discus style (DLG), then from 1:40 traditional javelin style, and some side arm launches (SAL) 3:30, and even some discus launching of smaller models.  Some beautiful transitions from launch to glide in slow motion - fantastic.  People having fun together! Some super music. A great ending! So, enjoy some mastery and artistry! Thank you for posting this video Trident31HLGFF! Apologies to all my readers and followers for the inactivity on this blog site. The o...

Attraction of the Chuck Glider

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