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Classical Guitar WebRing - The Original and Largest Classical Guitar web ring. Sheet music, technique, recordings, music theory, original compositi

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Classical Guitar WebRing

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The Original and Largest Classical Guitar web ring. Sheet music, technique, recordings, music theory, original compositions and anything else that has to do with classical guitar is encouraged! Sites can be about specific guitar composers, such as Albeniz, Fernando Sor, Mangore, and Tarrega, or performers such as Segovia or John Williams (not the composer of movie fame). The guitar is the most common instrument in the world, and can be owned and mastered by peasant and prince. The literature is vast and rich, and even the etudes are very musical, enjoyable both to hear and play. There are wonderful guitar concertos, as well as flamenco works (often improvised), and works that celebrate the cultural aspects of the areas where they were composed. These can be evocative musical pictures of regions and peoples as well as famous buildings such as the Alhambra.



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