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WebRing Managers Community - Untitled document One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998

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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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What if a ring is owned by 'systemrun' njjimf 09/12/2007 (1 posts)
systemrun Most rings that were managed by inactive managers.meaning the m   more
What if a ring is owned by 'deleted' njjimf 09/12/2007 (1 posts)
deleted This means the previous manager attempted to delete the ring from   more
What if a ring is owned by 'adoptable' njjimf 09/12/2007 (1 posts)
adoptable This means the ring is currently being managed by WebRing staff   more
Where the rings are going njjimf 09/12/2007 (1 posts)
Sorry about the multiple posts, but I wanted to share this information (its   more
The Never Ending Difficulties wuth WebRing campross 08/23/2007 (1 posts)
To System: I tried to use the Help function, but couldn't find the rig   more
only html allowed nudeautomall 08/22/2007 (3 posts)
Thanks James, But I know that, this is a matter of a ring put up for adopti   more
how do you find out if html is allowed? clownnein 08/19/2007 (1 posts)
how do you find out if html is allowed?   more
Optional Ring Code? thebulletin 08/05/2007 (2 posts)
I haven't joined any webring communities for quite some time due to the   more
I've just found Side Show and Alternative Entertainment, OneWay bendall 07/26/2007 (1 posts)
_I've_ just found The Side Show and Alternative Entertainment WebRing,   more
Teddy Bears, OneWay? I don't think is it! christinejune 07/26/2007 (1 posts)
I've just found Teddy Bears, site "flutterbearies by Paulette Insall",   more
Dear WebRing, Please stop messing with my rings! lazarst 07/24/2007 (1 posts)
Dear WebRing, While there are hundreds of glitches in your "System" and   more
How to stay on top of webring manuevers thebulletin 07/17/2007 (12 posts)
From the looks of things here at the forum I see I am not the only one, gue   more
OK...the dogs have had their day. njjimf 07/05/2007 (1 posts)
I'm not quite sure why the main WebRing page had the collection of mini   more
manager: Re (5608): How to stay on top of webring manuevers southportreporter 07/02/2007 (1 posts)
I agree, this happened to me.... that lead to me loosing one of my rings..   more
Ring Master functions system 07/01/2007 (2 posts)
All the tools are useful, we agree. They are not restricted, or restricted   more
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