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WebRing Managers Community - Untitled document One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998

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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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ANNE (4801): Navigation Checker annepr7 06/26/2006 (1 posts)
Hi Anne, This is certainly strange as I haven't revamped anything on   more
ANNE (4794): Navigation Checker annepr7 06/23/2006 (1 posts)
Hi Anne and All Members/Managers, I spent several hours again yesterday   more
All passing-- thanks :) holly_m 06/23/2006 (1 posts)
Thanks -- all is good with the world now -- all ratings in my rings are 100   more
An enormous amount of failing sites for three to 4 days now! annepr7 06/21/2006 (1 posts)
This has been happening with my web rings as well as my own sites over the   more
I have sites failing too holly_m 06/21/2006 (1 posts)
On two of my rings -- a total of three sites failing with operfectly good S   more
Featured Rings - indicator not working? ms_canuck 06/13/2006 (1 posts)
Hi Webring The 'RF' (Ring Featured) tag is not working when I view   more
Sorry, according to system records... aceymt 06/11/2006 (3 posts)
Ahh, thanks, I found one that was giving me a false fail, hit the "test" li   more
Ethics within the WebRing Community emmajones 06/10/2006 (5 posts)
re Mrs_Canuck. On a slightly related topic, I did once approach the members   more
Directory Placements Nice One WebRing!!!! emmajones 06/10/2006 (3 posts)
Something else I have noticed which could be a positive thing. Not all r   more
Manager's Web Sites leoclub 06/08/2006 (1 posts)
I have noticed that some managers of multiple WebRings have sites listing   more
Directory Placements Colour Coding emmajones 06/08/2006 (6 posts)
The search all rings feature in ring hubs appear to be taking both size of   more
spamming the system webring 05/31/2006 (1 posts)
Yes, we have already taken care of this one ID and you are more than welcom   more
THANKS! (4758): THAT'S 11 NOT 10 SPAMMERS' WEB RING APPLICATIONS annepr7 05/31/2006 (1 posts)
I checked this forum first therefore I didn't know you already had done   more
THAT'S ELEVEN (11) NOT TEN (10) SPAMMERS' WEB RING APPLICATIONS annepr7 05/31/2006 (3 posts)
Thank you very much indeed for your reply. Should I delete the spammer'   more
LIST OF THE SPAMMERS' WEB RING APPLICATIONS - TEN (10) annepr7 05/30/2006 (1 posts)
Below is a list of the spammer's, segerstromweb_com_2006, web ring appl   more
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