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Heinz-Peter Katlewski
Heinz-Peter Katlewski
  • 1950, born in Berlin-Spandau (Germany),
    brought up in Berlin-Friedenau

  • Lives in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

  • Website: http://www.hpk-info.de

  • Worked  in forestry, industry, and adult education

  • Studied sociology, business administration, economics, political science and pedagogics in Hamburg, Cologne and Bonn

  • Free-lance radio-journalist and author on subjects connected with music, religion and society

  • Editor on Judaism for the German
    "Handbuch der Religionen" (Klöcker/Tworuschka, Olzog-Verlag München [Munich])

  • Editor Open Directory Project for hyperlink-judaica (in German)

  • Member of

    • IASPM (The International Association for the Study of Popular Music)

    • German associations on popular culture (religion, music)

Book in German:

Heinz-Peter Katlewski
Judentum im Aufbruch
Von der neuen Vielfalt jüdischen Lebens
in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz


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